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CleanRoom/O₂ Cleaning

We clean the equipment used in oxygen lines in the “Clean Room” in accordance with the ISO 7 Class 10.000 standard. Since even the smallest contamination can cause great hazards. We pack the product, which is completed and tested, from external factors and after cleaning the equipment gradually with the help of special chemicals. First of all, the equipment is cleaned of coarse dirt, all oil, rust, etc. in the “Ultrasonic” washing machine. After washing, the chemicals on the surface are rinsed in the rinsing machine, the next step is to remove the water on the piece by drying machine and check the contaminated material on the surface with the “Blacklight” light. After the assembly is completed and all necessary tests are performed, the equipment is insulated from the external environment by covering it with a special package after being checked with the “Blacklight” light again.

Equipment Test

Our company and our team pay great attention to the quality of all products manufactured in our workshop or on-site, repaired. Our team of experts, who have all the necessary certificates for welding and post-welding controls of exotic materials like titanium and Super Duplex, does not allow the products to leave us poorly in any way in terms of quality. Our team applies Hydro-test, Nitrogen Gas test and / or Air test for complete tightness control of valves or other equipment whose repair and maintenance has been completed. Besides, all the equipment used from the first step to the last step on the products coming to our workshop are calibrated by TURKAK accredited organizations.

Machining, Sand Blasting, Hydraulic Press

If necessary, within the scope of maintenance-repair activities and project manufacturing, the material surface is cleaned using Glass sand. With our universal turning, all kinds of machining are carried out in technical tolerances. Our company offers technical solutions in a way not to skip the smallest details with our hand tools suitable for Metric (SI) or Imperial (US) dimensions. Also, activities such as pressing and bending of materials are carried out with the Hydraulic Press in our workshop with a capacity of 120 tons.

Authorized Maintenance and Repair Service

The variety and quality of equipment in our workshop has been approved by Mogas, Caldera and Rexa companies, we carry out the maintenance and repair works of these companies with the ARC (Authorized Repair Center) certificate and with we have received the awards. We make the maintenance of Mogas, Caldera valves and Rexa Actuators very careful, even a small tolerance such as 0.001 ”is important and we inform our customers with the reports of the valves / actuators in detail about all the operations performed. As per our quality standards, every equipment is photographed from the first moment it acceptance to our workshop and all control steps are completed before the detail inspection. The equipment that the maintenance and repair activities are completed in our workshop is carefully packed before delivery and delivered to our customers.

Exotic Welding and Spool Manufacturing

In our company, weld repair and welding of exotic materials like titanium and Super Duplex are made by certified welders in our team. We provide full quality service with procedures prepared by our Welding Engineer in accordance with ASME / EN standards, welder certificates, and Non-Destructive Testing and results. Every material that comes to our workshop for production is checked with the PMI device and it is checked by us whether it has the necessary chemical properties. In order to avoid any problem in the structure, strength, and dimensions of the material while welding, the thermal input of the material is carried out by constantly controlling it with the thermal camera. We can produce all kinds of special projects needed both in our workshop and on the field.

Field Services

Our team is with you, with full equipment whenever you are in unplanned shutdown or scheduled shutdown. With our expats we work with, we offer constructive solutions in Process optimization, Equipment revision and SOP in POX and HPAL facilities. We are always with you when you want maintenance, installation, calibration, control, and consultancy for the Mogas, Caldera, and Rexa products we represent on your field. Our team provides welding services for exotic materials like Titanium, Super Duplex, etc. Our team will be your best solution partner by solving the problems that may arise in your field in a practical, fast and reliable manner.

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