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We provide to our customers with the solutions and services as an Authorized Sales and Repair Center of Caldera, which is an outstanding Angled Valve manufacturer that also presents to the Mine-refinery sector general engineering solutions, anti-corrosion products, custom made products for customers and slurry letdown systems.

Çanbensan offers quality bentonite to the service of the drilling, construction and chemical industries, especially the casting industry. They aim to respond to customer requests and needs by developing new products for different needs of each sector and by expanding its product range. Our company holds the Çanbensan Investment and R & D also offers consulting services to our customers in Turkey and abroad as a dealer.

Ersel manufactures crushing, sieving, grinding, separating equipment for Mining, Cement and Energy Industries and hands over Mineral Process Facilities. Our company, which provides consultancy support to Ersel Heavy Machines in terms of investment and R&D, we also offer solutions and services to our customers as the dealer of Ersel Heavy Machine.

MOGAS is a Global Severe Ball Valve manufacturer to the Mining-Refinery- Petrochemical and Energy sector. They manufacture private Isolation ball valves, ventilation ball valves, drain ball valve, such as some areas, including other services that needs special attention for the customers by offering solutions special valve design. Our firm is Authorized Sales and Authorized Repair Center of MOGAS in Turkey. We offer definite solution and fast service.

Having the application area for electro-hydraulic actuator products, round valve, angled valve, plug valve, gate valve and many other different valve types, Rexa ensures that products operate extremely stable and smoothly even under heavy conditions. We serve as the Authorized Sales and Repair Center of Rexa where we offer our customers all the services in our workshop and field service.

WCIS has become prominent in the production and supply of exotic metal products along with the supply of a wide range of products such as spiral wound gaskets, metal gaskets, semi-metal gaskets, soft-cut gaskets, soft gaskets, mechanical seals. They are our reliable manufacturer and supplier of sealing elements and exotic materials.

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